Monique McDonnell


Sessions promoting growth, understanding, healing, clarity, and new possibilities

An intuitive session with Monique can give you:

TRANSFORMATION:  a permanent energetic shift resulting in beneficial changes     
RELEASE:  a releasing of old conditioning and blockages which have held you back  
SELF-EMPOWERMENT:  a letting go of victimhood forever, no longer allowing people, circumstances, or situations to have power over you                                                
UNDERSTANDING:  a deeper understanding of yourself and those you interact with
INNER KNOWING:  the development of an inner sense of what is best for you, as well as a knowing of how to handle people and situations to the benefit of all                
NEW VISION, NEW LIFE:  clarity about your life path and purpose, enabling you to lead a fulfilling life, experiencing joy, peace, and well-being as a norm

People always remark that they feel lighter,clearer, and often inspired after a session with Monique

Monique is available for private phone sessions as well as sessions in person. Upon occasion she also offers classes, workshops, and group sessions.

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